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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of sale


These ” Terms and Conditions” are applicable to legal operations in connection with products commercialized by to its clients by the company ELGIN EQUESTRIAN within its virtual store .
Company registration under the name ELGIN FRANCE Siret : 512 113 291 00011  TVA: FR50 512113291


The words or phrases below shall have as part of this the following meanings:

Internet shop : means the website on which the Products are presented and sold to clients.

Order: shall designate the sales contract concluded between and the client of the Internet shop of the company ELGIN FRANCE .

Datasheet : means information pertaining to a product supplied by the company ELGIN FRANCE at the time said product on the Internet Boutique .

Products : shall designate all goods and services sold by the company ELGIN FRANCE Internet Boutique .
Transaction: means all operations , security obligations, authorizations and agreements inherent to payment for products ordered by credit card .


These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the terms and conditions under which the company ELGIN RACING offers and sells Products to its clients.
These general conditions of sale prevail over all other conditions contained in any other document, unless prior express written


The customer acknowledges having read , at the time of placing an Order of these general conditions of sale and expressly accept them without reservation.
These general conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between the company and client ELGIN FRANCE , the two parties accepting them without reservation.


The majority of products offered by the company ELGIN RACING clients are made to order, orders are fulfilled in 2- 4 weeks depending on the product.


The automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the Order.

ELGIN FRANCE confirm the client’s acceptance of the Order by sending a confirmation message to the email address supplied by the client. The sale will be concluded only after the dispatch of the order confirmation.

The company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order from a customer in particular in case of insolvency of that customer or in the event of a default of the relevant Order or a dispute over payment of a previous order. All offer for sell means subject to availability. However, if despite the vigilance of the seller regarding its inventory, the products proved to be unavailable after the order of the buyer, ELGIN FRANCE company undertakes to inform you as soon as possible, and will allow you to cancel or change your order.
The data on the client , when entering information inherent in its Order commit it.
ELGIN FRANCE company can not be held responsible for errors made by the client as the coordinates of the recipient of the Order ( delivery address , billing address) and delays in delivery or failure to deliver the Products ordered that these errors could engender.


After confirmation of the Order and under reserve perfect payment of the price of the ordered products , the company ELGIN FRANCE will ship to the customer, under its responsibility, the goods ordered at the delivery address within a maximum period of 7 daily except exception for custom made products where a delay of three weeks is to be taken into account.

If necessary , the customer agrees to pay upon receipt , all taxes, duties, levies and other charges present and future due for delivery of such products themselves; joint and several liability of the company ELGIN FRANCE shall in no way be held as such.

The possible delivery delays attributable to the carrier or the company ELGIN FRANCE not entitle the customer to claim damages.

Upon receipt of Products ordered, the customer or recipient should verify the proper operation of the goods supplied, and take note of his conditions of employment contained in the instruction manual that is provided.

In the event that one or more of the Products ordered are missing or damaged, the customer or recipient must file a claim with the carrier at the time of delivery. Any incomplete order will receive a voucher for the value of missing products (excluding postage) will be credited to the customer’s account. However, if the customer wants a refund of the value of missing products or out of stock, it will necessarily be requested by e-mail to our service, the refund check will take place within a maximum of 15 days.

In case of apparent defects, the customer has the right of return as provided in the instructions for use of the property .

Are considered as force majeure discharging its obligation to deliver , war, riot, fire, strikes , accidents and impossibility of being supplied.

For availability of Products ordered reasons, an Order may be the subject of several successive deliveries to the customer.

In the event that the client would like the Products to be delivered to two separate addresses, then he shall fill out 2 separate Sales Orders .
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal , the company ELGIN FRANCE will reimburse the sums paid by the customer at no charge except for return shipping costs .

Repayment is due within a maximum of 30 days in accordance with the law.


The price is expressed in euro

All invoices for the Metropolitan FRANCE and the EEC is including VAT. For export outside EEC community is treated ex VAT. This price includes the price of the Products, handling costs, packaging and Product conservation, transportation costs and commissioning.


The price charged to the customer is the price indicated on the Order confirmation sent by the company ELGIN FRANCE
The Product price is payable by means of payment offered on site the day of the order.

The Order validated by the customer will be considered effective until the secured bank payment center has given its approval on the transaction.
For payment by check (excluding bank check) within 8 days will be to ensure the provision of the check at the bank. The goods will be shipped at expiry of that period.

These general conditions of sale are subject to French law.


HORSE RUGS company can not be held liable for damages of any kind, whether tangible or intangible property, which could result from a malfunction or improper use of the Products. It is the same for the possible modifications of the products resulting from the manufacturers.

The responsibility of the company ELGIN FRANCE will, in any event, limited to the amount of the order and can not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all precautions taken in presenting the products. In case of difficulties in implementing this contract, the client and reserves the possibility, before any legal action to seek an amicable solution.

Otherwise, for retail customers, the Commercial Court of Alençon has exclusive jurisdiction, regardless of delivery location and method of payment accepted.


In all cases the company ELGIN FRANCE will not be held responsible for non-compliance with regulations and laws in force in the receiving country. Responsibility for ELGIN FRANCE is always limited to the value of the Products held liable at the date of sale, and with no possibility of appeal to the brand or company producing the product.
The defective product must be returned in its original packaging with a copy of his invoice, include all of the product and its accessories. All costs and risks associated with returning the product are borne by the Buyer.

The guarantees do not cover replacement of consumables; abnormal use, illegal or non-compliant products; failures related accessories; the damage resulting from abnormal shock, errors maneuvers or changes made by the buyer; defects and consequences due to the intervention of a repairer not approved by the company ELGIN FRANCE  as well as defects and consequences related to any external cause.

In any event, the client receives the legal guarantee on eviction and hidden defects under section 1625 and following of the Civil Code.

The customer can contact customer service by phone or mail

Answer: 48 hours.


The Intelligence information collected for purposes of distance selling is required, this information is essential for processing and delivery orders, preparing invoices and warranty contracts. The lack of information leads to the non-validation of the Order.

According to law “and Freedoms”, the processing of personal information about customers has been declared to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL).