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Running martingale synthetic hard wearing tack for racing, training and endurance available in 12
colours (the same as the synthetic bridles): royal blue, red, black, navy, brown, white, burgundy, yellow, purple, silver, bottle green and pink. Made in England.


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Running martingale synthetic hard wearing tack.

For racing, training and endurance.

Running martingales, are used to control the horse’s head height
and to prevent the horse from throwing its head high.

When the horse’s head gets above a desired height, the martingale places pressure on the mouth so that it becomes more difficult or impossible to raise it higher. Please note, running martingales need to be fitted correctly so that there is not a constant pressure on the bars of the mouth.

Available in 12 colours:
Royal blue,Red,Black,Navy,Brown,White,Burgundy,Yellow,Purple, Silver,Bottle green and Pink.Same as the synthetic bridles.

Made in England.

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Royal blue, Red, Black, Navy, Brown, White, Burgundy, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Bottle Green, Pink


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