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Racing colours

Racing colours, we sell  horse racing silks all over europe, we have two weight options  available.
– satin traditional sewn designs 350g –
– printed ultra light weight racing silks 150g
to ensure the perfect set of racing colours to suit your needs.

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In horse racing your racing colours define you the owner.
In the early days of racing the Jockey Club introduced plain racing colours, but now with so many runners, there are many of different  colours and motifs available, to enable the comentator  owner and punter to recognise their horse while whizzing past on the track.
Our racing silks made to order to the highest standard by a specialist manufacturer Racesafe who have supplying fine racing silks both in traditional satin and ultra light feather weights to horse racing professionals all over the world. We also supply horse racing blinkers, bespoke hat silks and sponsorship patches for any branding required.