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Fabric and finish

We pride ourselves on using only the finest and most functional of raw materials for the job at hand, from wicking horse coolers to beautiful wool presentation rugs please see our selection of fabrics below

Cotton drill

Our cotton drill is used for cotton sheets, lining exercise sheets and hoods and saddle pads
Cotton drill fabric is a hard wearing and durable textile this fabric has a diagonal drill weave, that adds character, strength and structure.
It is available in royal, navy , emerald, bottle, burgundy, red, white, grey, black,light blue and brown


Melton is used for paddock sheets , exercise sheets  and wool day rugs  Cloth is traditionally made of wool mix and is woven in a twill  it is very solid cloth in which the twill weave pattern is completely concealed due to the finishing processes. Because of its dense, quasi-felted texture it frays minimally or not at all. It is hard wearing and wind and weather resistant. Bottle green,



Kendal is a heavy wool used for exercise sheets, winter paddock sheets and day rugs, 
100% wool fabric teezed for maximum warmth.. kendal is the good old fashioned wool at its best.
Colours available are red, navy, burgundy, bottle, black and royal blue,

kendal wool


Jersey fabric is used on our jersey  cooler rugs
100% polyester it wicks any moisture away effectively and efficiently, many racing clients love this fabric, it is not only efficient, it always looks good..We hated this fabric when we first saw it but LOVE it now !! it A does the job of drying the horse, and would recomend it to anyone for cooling a horse spring – autumn.
Colours available emerald, black, red, burgundy, royal, white, navy.

jersey cooler fabric

Honeycomb mesh cooler

Honeycomb mesh used on our mesh coolers
Made from extremely strong British made polyester mesh  very efficient at wicking any moisture away effectively.
Bottle green, black, burgundy, navy, white and royal blue.


Fleece used for rugs, show rugs , travel rugs, cooler rugs , exercise sheets, exercise sheet lining.. 
Antipil Fleece is a super all rounder a very versatile fabric. Soft, warm & breathable  Made of 100% polyester the fleece lends itself to horse rugs being quick to dry and still warm when wet. 
royal blue, pink, red,grey, navy, bottle green, burgundy


Our 1000D cordura is exra strong  used on our cordura waterproof exercise sheets .
Cordura is duper tough and supple, it is a  textured waterproof fabric. its normally used on Rucksacks a durable material designed to last. 
available in black, navy, royal blue, burgundy, red, bottle green, and grey


Proofed nylon

A light weight fabric available in many colours we use for the most part of our waterproof exercise sheets
bottle green. orange purple, navy,black, emerald, fluo yellow, grey,burgundy, red and royal blue

proofed fabric

Binding and pipings

All rugs come single bound with a choice of 20 colours of binding
optiona double binding and piping available



Optional enbroidery is available on most items, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

paddock sheet and over girth in melton